What are other ways I can improve the air quality in my home?

          The best advice is to address the source of indoor air pollution and ventilate your home.  If you are looking to supplement the work of your air purifier or see if you can get by without one, we recommended trying these steps to help reduce        indoor air irritants:

  • Keep your windows open to prevent locking irritants into rooms (when air purifiers aren’t running!). Create a stronger cross draft by opening windows on opposite sides of the room if possible.
  • Vacuum often. If you are on the market for a vaccum, opt for one that is sealed, has a bag and is HEPA-certified. They’re better at trapping dust instead of sending it back into the air. 
  • Regularly change air filters to properly maintain HVAC equipment and maximize effectiveness.
  • Use an exhaust fan in the kitchen (and bath and laundry areas if possible). Switch it on before preheating the oven or firing up the burners, and leave it running for a few minutes after you’re done cooking.
  • Minimize the use of candles or lighting wood fires and ban smoking inside the home. Reducing pollutant sources is a surefire way to improve air quality.

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